Quilled Wedding Invitation Keepsake Custom -- Wood Frame

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My Quilled Custom Wedding Invitation Keepsake is the perfect wedding gift, completely handmade by me in my New Hampshire studio.

You send me the original invitation, give me an idea of color, and I will quill the flowers, place them around the invitation, triple mat under glass and custom frame in a special order satin silver frame or black, dark red or honey oak frame. The frame will be sized to accommodate the invitation.

Please check out my other listing for a satin gold frame.

What is Quilling?

Quilling is a very old craft. Its name comes of the old practice of trimming the gold edges from books, and then winding the narrow strips of paper around feather quills, using the quill of the feather for the tool. Once rolled into circles and pinched into various shapes, the paper is used as texture and detail in pictures.

My own technique uses the quill work as a background and details to my original cut-outs of wildlife. The quill work simulates the feathers in the duck and birds, the scales on the fish, the veins in the wildflowers, and the fur on the moose.